November 13


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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“I am very well, thank you,” is an answer we often give when others ask how we are doing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, fewer of us have been able to give this answer truthfully. Wellness is something we take for granted until we are not well. Books and Wellness is a new space to connect with others to discuss books that have helped us to manage the challenges that COVID-19 have placed on all of us. It is an online community of readers who want to Listen, Inspire, Reflect, Enquire (LIRE) with others who are managing COVID-19 issues, such as over-work, not enough work, relating with others while socially distanced, isolation, fear, anxiety, and stress.

To be in this space, all must agree to abide by rules of conduct that ensure privacy, respect, and fairness to all. To further enhance privacy, respect, fairness and confidentiality, registration is limited.