November 25


02:00 pm

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*follow your family’s social media rules*

What to do

• Read any book you want
• Record a video talking about it
• Post the video on TikTok or YouTube
• #orlbooktok #booktok #orlteensread
• Send the link to (include your name and which library you use)
• If a friend referred you to the challenge give their name so they get entered in the bonus draw.
• Challenge your friends to make a book tok and you could get bonus entries

• No spoilers!
• Emphasize what the book made you FEEL (hopeful, sad….)
• Did it make you think?
• What was the tone? (suspenseful? Chill?)
• Who do you think would like it?
• Make sure you give the book title and author so people can find the book to read

Giving out your personal information online can be dangerous, so we do not ask that you give your name or what library you are at in the video that is available to anyone. Keep that information for the e-mail to be entered in the draw.
$25 gift card to Indigo