July 6


06:30 pm

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Kick off the Teen Writing Contest by sharing your voice with other lovers of the written word! A $25 gift card and a book of poetry will be awarded to the winner of the slam.

Words beg to escape the page. If you bleed raw stream of conscious in your words, they need to be belted out to express the pain, anger, or joy. Words are the most powerful when presented by the crafter. Find your voice; being seen for your art is for the joy of everyone

Poets – if you carefully craft your style with measured syllables and rhyme, that can be brought to life with the rhythm and cadence of reading it aloud.
Storytellers – spin us a 2-5 minute tale. Let your tone and expression amplify the power of your narration.
Song writers – give voice to your lyrics. We celebrate the words and cheer on your melody. We welcome all genres.

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